If/Then/Else is an internet radio show hosted and curated by Ihcilon.

The goal of the show is to bring a similar-feeling format to the early days of FM radio when whole album sides would be played at once. It's purpose is to highlight artists in traditionally not very well known genres and operating outside of the usual musical "hot zones" particularly the Southern United States, and parts of Eastern Europe and Asia.

Show archive from 2016-2019 is available here.

Please note that If/Then/Else will NOT broadcast any show with an all male lineup.

Show Archive

Show 9

Stephanie Merchack

Stephanie Merchack on Bandcamp

Stephanie Merchak is a composer, sound designer, improviser and performer with an academic background in music. Since the early 2000s, she has been bringing her own touch of experimentalism while exploring different music genres and techniques.

Raen Arthur

Raen Arthur is a British musician and composer working out of Copenhagen, Denmark, where he also co-runs the Åde Åde label.


Requiem is a musical project between Tristan Welch and Douglas Kallmeyer from northern Virginia. Creating dense and heavy drones- filling out space with ambience.

Elizabeth Joan Kelly

Artist website:

Elizabeth Joan Kelly is a New Orleans-based electronic composer. She uses found sounds and MIDI to create lush soundscapes at the epicenter of synthpop, industrial, ambient, darkwave, and classical music. Her most recent album, Farewell, Doomed Planet!, is about the apocalypse. And Chernobyl wolves. Pollution. And space travel. Existential dread. And whales.

Mako Graves

Artist website:

Guatemalan artist, focused on the creation, development and promotion of unconventional innovative projects that incorporate sounds, visuals and technology, expanding the human experience by seeking solutions that benefit society through art.

The Blank Holidays

The Blank Holidays is the lo-fi music project of an American living in Brussels, Belgium. He mostly plays acoustic guitar and has some minimal classical training. Presently, he enjoys writing somewhat pretty pieces on guitar and torturing them with digital tools.

Gregory Nieuwsma

Show 8

Airdate: August 2, 2020 Camp Radio.

Sound Awakener

Nhung Nguyen is a Hanoi based sound artist, experimenting across a range of left-field aesthetics and expressions – ambient drone, electro-acoustics, noise music, musique concrète and others. Since 2014 Nhung has been making works under the name Sound Awakener, using her real name for the more cinematic, piano-driven projects. She has collaborated with labels and artists from various other disciplines, often adding audio elements to visual experiences. Nhung’s music and sounds have appeared in exhibitions including Le Giang’s D'eau et de verdure (2020, HCMC and Hanoi), Phan Thao Nguyen’s Poetic Amnesia (HCMC and Hanoi, 2017) and the public-art initiatives Into Thin Air (2016) and Into Thin Air 2 (2018). She has composed soundtracks for short films, including Sala (Funk Brothers) and Long Departure (David Ellis).

Sci-Fi Industries

Active since the late 1980’s in the post-punk scene of the suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal, Luis van Seixas shifted into electronica and breakbeat sonic territories in 1997, becoming a underground household name and performing in the vibrant club scene at the time. Produced numerous albums for Portuguese artists and his collaborative work includes Ah Cama-Sotz, Mimetic, xotox, shhh… and Flint Glass, to name a few. After convincing Fernando Cerqueira (SPH, Croniamental, Ras-Al-Ghul) to start a record label, and thanks to the support of the Municipalities of Lisbon and Almada, Thisco becomes a renewed not-for-profit label, releasing over 60 CDs of newcomers and veteran artists between 2001-2011. The likes of Jarboe (Swans), Merzbow, Phil Von, KK Null, Mimetic, have been calling Thisco home for the past two decades. Living in Memphis since 2010, Luis has collaborated with Memphis Concrete, Sonosphere, and curated sound installations/performances at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, where he worked for over five years.

Acef Stripe

Acef Stripe (AS) is the imagined collaboration between father/son. David Svrjcek is an electronic musician/composer from Longmont, CO who utilizes an improvisational style to develop compositions with emphasis on sound design and melody. All artwork for the releases is taken from paintings by the deceased Benjamin William Svrjcek, Jr and filtered thru the eyes of his son.

Revenge Body

Personal and purposeful electronic music by Jacques Granger of long-running post-punk/noise band The Family Ghost.


Paul Maceri of Memphis.